Team- and Self-development

Is it passion or pressure that drives your change?
By systemicly observing and intervening I support you in identifying and naming your perceptions behind the change. We pour them into the melting pot and become consciously active.. This often goes hand in hand with the (re-)discovery and activiation of your own resources.


Strategic decisions, the development of a mission or vision with traction, an adjustment of your value proposition, subconscious conflicts - in short terms: Everything which requires a safe but open space, to create solid baseline for your "GoLive" of your intended change.


Scientificly sound and exciting spotlights on technological, psychological and/or economical developments - designed as impulse, full training or focus of a retreat.

Retreat or Arena

Special mandates require special measures - may it be in situ, in a neutral context or outdoors.

Your first step...

...we arrange for a first free-of-charge tête-à-tête as a possible foothold for mutual acceptance and trust.