About me

Creating impact...

...through my intuitive and well trained access to people,
complexity and systems.

Extract from my balance sheet...

Facts and Style
2019 - B.Sc. Psychology appreciative
2017 - Vinyasa Ashtanga Teacher mindful
2014 - Organisational Analysis - Stanford University present
2013 - Systemic Coach - Handow Company GmbH holistic
2013 - MBA International Management profound
2012 - former Airforce Officer operational
2004 - Dipl.-Ing. Aerospace-Engineering structured

Currently I work...

...as coach, consultant and fascilitator on freelancing basis. Furthermore, I hold diverse lecturships at the University of applied Science Fresenius e.g. for Entrepreneurship, Organisation or Leadership and -personality in intercultural contexts. Twice a week I teach Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga lessons and am part of the "teach-the-teachers" team.

Sailing metaphor

Metaphors polarize - a welcomed effect, since it usually breaks the ice and facilitates dialogues such as...

...silence and ferocity,

...self-determination and being bonded to others,

...having arrived and yet being en route.

I welcome them as they serve as a fruitful source for many marvellous systemic analogies.